This is the duct type high temperature air generator (gas) which The Olympia Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
has newly developped with its long time experiences and the latest technology.
The oil, gas and wasted oil can be used.It is low cost and economical.It is compact and light.The Olympia's DM type high temperature air generating furnaces are made of only steel sheets without using special fire-resistant materials.
High performance is realized in drying, heating, prevention of white smoke, and deodorization by quick start and cooling off due to small thermal strage capacity because no fire-resistant materials are used. We are convinced that its high performance as well as being economical in fuel can satisfy all of users.
¢ÙHigh Efficiency and Economy inOperation The less heat-loss and high efficiency because of non fire-resistant materials can economize fuel.
¢ÚCmplete Combustion Because the combustion chamber is equipped, it is not cooled down easily by diluted air, then fuel burns completely.
¢ÛWide-range Control By the combustion chamber, no unburnt carbon is generated in the partial load operation.
¢ÜSmall Space Because the fire-resistant materials are not used, it is compact.
¢ÝCheaper Cost Because no fire-resistant materials are used and construction expense is rather cheap, we can offer the furnace in reasonable cost.
¢ÞEasy Repair Reinstalling of the fire-resistant material is not necessary, and the
repair term of works is short, and cheap.
¢ßShort Start Time Requested only short heat up time on starting, due to the small thermal storage capacity.
¢àAll of Oil, Gas and Wasted Oil can be used. A, B, and C Heavy Oil, kerosene, diesel fuel oil, city gas, LNG, producer gas, and wasted oil can be used..
¢áFully-automatic Control The fuel flow rate is automatically controlled according to the load change, and it always outputs hot air of adjusted temperature.

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